101 Reasons Why I Lost My Homework

The first comic book of the 101 Reasons Why universe follows the crazy adventures of Danny and his pet frog Yokono. They meet the gigantic sneezing snail who happens to destroy the whole town. But trust me, it’s not quite his intent.

I was part of the art team. My role was to design the color palette, graphic assets and some of the environments. A lot of thanks to Neko Productions and my wonderful team: Bobbo Andonova, Tyrone Herring, Jasmine Mayek, Lirit Rosenzweig-Topaz and Ofir Nobel.

Lirit Rosenzweig Topas (Executive Producer)
Ofir Lobel (Creator & Author)
Bobbo Andonova (Lead Designer)
Tyrone (Illustrator & Storyboard Artist)
Peyton McDavitt (Story Editor)
Beata Kępa (Illustrator)

© Neko Productions

The book is available on Amazon.


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